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Russia, 410005, Saratovskaya Oblast, Saratov city
 I.М. Pugacheva E.I street, House 159



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+ 7-452-239410 / + 7452-290054



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17 Tottenham Court road, London, W1T 1JY

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The operations of the export department of Joint Stock company limited "Neftegazrezerv" is narrowed into  Export Operations Management in Petroleum Cokes, Crude Oil and Gas processing (by-products) and Shipping processing management.

The Export Operations managment which is headed by the Export Director and Head of Legal department deals with the design and management of products, processes, services and supply chains. It considers the acquisition, development, and utilization of resources that the company need to deliver the goods and services to our respective buyers worldwide (locally and internationally).

Joint Stock company limited "Neftegazrezerv"  Export management focuses on carefully managing the processes to produce and export the  products. The overall activities often include product  production, packaging and supplying. (These activities are also associated with Product and Service Management.) Related activities include managing purchases, inventory control, quality control, storage, logistics and evaluations of processes.


Joint stock Limited  company "Neftegazrezerv" is a company that is form of two main servis sector; Petroleum Cokes service sector which consist of the production and export of Russian best crack green, raw and calcine petroleum cokes.

The Oil and Gas service sector which consist of the export of petroleum products from the company Refinery contracts and allocations of Oil and Gas reserves. The main focus of the export and operations department of the company is to ensure that the company oil reserved is exported in the best price and best of quality.

The Business and political history of the company started in February 20, 1997 as a local by-products refinery but was assigned  assigned OGRN 1026403677068 and the TIN 6455021630 and registered at 410005, Saratovskaya Oblast, Saratov Gorod, IM Pugacheva  E.I. Ulitsa, House 159, Ofis 905A headed by Mr. Kornienko Vladimir Alekseevich who serves the company well and of old age, retired and now headed by Antipov Dmitrij Aleksandrovich. .

<11.01.2019>         Oil $55.61−1.33 brent, per barrels, black market selling at $47.35 in some Russian ports. Also here is general Currency exchange rate in Moscow
<09.01.2019>         The General Director of Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" Mr. Klyuchkov Alexander Viktorovich  holds first board of Directors meeting today 9 January, 2019 10:30am Moscow time and all management staffs in attendance for the new year 2019.
<07.01.2019>         Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv"  has decided to give out the company first social aids to the cities of Saratov far distant villages and Astrakhan regions. This is a part of the company social responsibilities towards the Russian communities and supports of human development.
<05.01.2019>         How President Trump investigation with Russian involvement will likely affects trades between the Russian Federation and the United States of America.
<03.01.2019>         Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" recieved praises and political recommendations from the Head of the Political region of the City of Saratov and other top Russian politicians for the best humanitarian aid within the Russian Federation.
<01.01.2019>        Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" has continue to dominate the Asian market with the exportation of Petroleum cokes, Liquefied gases, Russian gasoil and Mazut
<27.12.2018>        How the Western and European Sanctions is affecting Russian export companies and forcing local producers with pressue to meet the growing need of the Russian population at a more cheaper prices even though some citizens are still below the poverty level.
<23.12.2018>      Health, Life and Death rates of Russian Men. The study showed how many men in Russia live to age 65 in a healthy fashion. Men not supported or in sick bed, men that are still very strong, active in business and spot.

Exchange rates of the Central Bank of  Russia «05.01.2019» Crude Oil 55.61-0.21US dollar $69.47r, Euro €79.46r, Pound sterling £88.28r, Swiss franc Fr70.57r