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<11.01.2019>     Oil $55.61 −0.21 brent, per barrels, black market selling at $47.35 in some Russian ports. Also here is general Currency exchange rate in Moscow

Click here for Russian Exchange Rates

<09.01.2019>    "The General Director of Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" Mr. Klyuchkov Alexander Viktorovich  holds first board of Directors meeting today 9 January, 2019 10:30am Moscow time and all management staffs in attendance for the new year 2019. 

The General Director of Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" Mr. Klyuchkov Alexander Viktorovich.

holds first board of Directors meeting today 9 January, 2019 9:30am Moscow time and all management staffs in attendance for the new year 2019. The meeting started exactly 9:30am with New Year celebration wishes from the General Director to members and staffs of Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv".

The meeting is the first annual management meeting of Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" and its purpose is to discuss and review the new year 2019 export and economic policies, new structural development, increase of the company storage capacities mostly for Russian Gasoil Diesel fractions with the logisctis partners.
Also, to review Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" business alliances and partnership with the Asian Business group, American Traders and Exporters of petroleum products and the baltic sea vessel associations.

<07.01.2019>     Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv"  has decided to give out the company first social aids to the cities of Saratov far distant villages and Astrakhan regions. This is a part of the company social responsibilities towards the Russian communities and supports of human development. 

Artem Golubovich Dmitrievich who is the company Director for Development and Projects citied to news men in the company headquarters that this social responsibility is for the first quarter of the year and the date for this event is 15 February, 2018. Other social partners both from the Russian government and other private institutions that are in support of human and community development will be sending in materials, money and other aids to make this event complete and historical.  Among other activities is the giving of the old men and women cold clothing materials to keep them warm during the Russian cold season.

Yulia Makeyevich Andreyevich Director of Operations Management will be leading the management in this task and other friends and well wishers of Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" and also visits will be made to some Russian Prisons to give releive materials to the prison inmates also.

<05.01.2019>     "How President Trump investigation with Russian involvement will likely affects trades between the Russian Federation and the United States of America. 

There has been serious pressure from Human rights groups mostly the Patriots society of America forcing the House of Congress to continue to investigate the alleged claim of Russian involvement in the United States election that made Mr. Trump to emerged as the current President of the United States of America. Some top American Senators who are Democrats take it as a soverign insult for the Russian government to meddle into their election and walk free with it and with most of their hatreds for President Trump, they continue to push the investigation with the aim of Impeaching the President and placing harder sanctions on Russia. Whereas President Vladimir Putin has made it clear that, the path they are taking leads to nowhere rather more choas and likely to cut and deeped the bad economic relationship between the United States of America and the Russian Federation.."

<03.01.2019>     "Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" recieved praises and political recommendations from the Head of the Political region of the City of Saratov and other top Russian politicians for the best humanitarian aid within the Russian Federation. 

Details of this as published in the "Russian Gazetta" paper. Different organisations and political elites of the Saratov region has been given serious recommendations of "Neftegazrezerv" for the way and manner the company "We are together with you team" has been effectively helping the poor, the less privelleges, the homeless within the Saratov region. The team later gave back the praise to the Management of "Neftegazrezerv" for the planning and schedule of the humanitarian aid.."

<01.01.2019>     "Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" has continue to dominate the Asian market with the exportation of Petroleum cokes, Liquefied gases, Russian gasoil and Mazut.

"Neftegazrezerv" has tried several times to beat the strong competition between big and major Russian exporting companies in the region but it always comes out average. At was 2015 closing of financial year for "Neftegazrezerv", it was recorded that "Neftegazrezerv" majorly dominated the export of Mazut and petroleum cokes to the Asian region. While business plans are still in place to become the largest exporter of Russian Diesel Gasoil and Liquified gas to the region.."

<27.12.2018>     "How the Western and European Sanctions is affecting Russian export companies and forcing local producers with pressue to meet the growing need of the Russian population at a more cheaper prices even though some citizens are still below the poverty level.

There is serious burden of business survival in the russian local and export market. 75% European companies tha exports fresh fruits, garlic and vegetables to Russia has been banned by the Russian Government from importing into the country as retaliation to the Sanctions from the European Union. While lack of standard and quality of production remains a serious issue for the Russian populace to deal with, hunger and survival with cheap groceries and products making the daily decisions of the Russian people. Also, with these sanctions, while inflation is going up local producers are being force to sell their produce at a very cheap rates even without tax cut for them.."

<23.12.2018>     "Health, Life and Death rates of Russian Men. The study showed how many men in Russia live to age 65 in a healthy fashion. Men not supported or in sick bed, men that are still very strong, active in business and spot.

Statistics that women in Russia on average live 10 years more than men. Immediately the conclusion suggests: men should be protected.

It is known that boys are born more than girls. At 100 simultaneously born Russians there are 51 boys and 49 girls. The equalization of the number of men and women occurs at the age of about 35 years. Further, women in numbers are confidently superior to men.

And already in the advanced 70-year-old age, they almost double. How are the main stages of life of men and women? How likely are men and women able to live 100 years? Some answers to these questions give this article a comparative assessment of the survival of men and women in Russia. The diagram shows how the percentage change, depending on the number of years lived. The diagram shows that the survival rate of women in Russia at all levels is higher than that of men. Thus, 99% of men cross the 30-year-old line, 97% of women and 89% of men cross the age of 40, 93% of women and 77% of men experience 50 years of age. The retirement age of 55 years is over 89 out of 100 women born at one time, while the men's retirement age in 60 years is overcome by only 60 out of 100 men-one-year-olds.

Of the 100 retired women retiring at the age of 55, 44 women cross the 80-year limit. And out of 100 men who at one time retired at 60 years old, only 80 years of age are overcome by only 26.100 years, one of 350 single-parent women survives. It is sad, but 100-year-old milestone is crossed by one of 2000 simultaneously born men. The results of the statistics show that, taking care of their health, men have much to learn from women. And, apparently, they are thinking about longevity, it is worth listening to the advice of the fair sex.

In short, women should be protected so that they help to save the health of men."