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Main types of activity Joint-stock company "Neftegazzerzerv":

1.    Crude oil and natural gas production; rendering of sservices in these spheres
2.    Crude oil and natural gas production
3.    Crude oil and oil (passing) gas production; fraction extraction from oil (passing) gas
4.    Crude oil and oil (passing) gas production
5.    Separation and fraction extraction from oil (passing) gas
6.    Shale (bituminous) oils, bituminous send and ozokerite production
7.    Natural gas and gas condensate production
8.    Liquation and regasification of natural gas for transportation
9.    Rendering of services in oil and gas production
10.    Rendering of services in drilling, concerned with oil, gas and gas condensate production
11.    Rendering of services in assemblage, repairing and dismantling of derricks
12.    Rendering of services in supplementary exploration of oil and gas fields on special economical terms (by agreement of production section - CRP)
13.    Rendering of other services, concerned with oil and gas production

Board of Directors and Management

The management of Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" is control by the General Director which form the executive members of the  management team of the company. The management of the company is divided into two: Executive Board of Managements and ordinary staffs. The list shows below the Executive members Board of Managements only which is headed by the General Director; Antipov Dmitrij Aleksandrovich.
Joint stock Limited  company "Neftegazrezerv" is a company that is form of two main servis sector; Petroleum Cokes service sector which consist of the production and export of Russian best crack green, raw and calcine petroleum cokes.

The Oil and Gas service sector which consist of the export of petroleum products from the company Refinery contracts and allocations of Oil and Gas reserves. The main focus of the export and operations department of the company is to ensure that the company oil reserved is exported in the best price and best of quality.

The Business and political history of the company started in February 20, 1997 as a local by-products refinery but was assigned  assigned OGRN 1026403677068 and the TIN 6455021630 and registered at 410005, SARATOVSKAYA OBL, SARATOV G, IM PUGACHEVA E.I. UL, DOM 159, OFIS 905A headed by Mr. Kornienko Vladimir Alekseevich who serves the company well and of old age, retired and now headed by Antipov Dmitrij Aleksandrovich.
Klyuchkov Alexander Viktorovich
CEO / General Director
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"
Rogozin Gageava Borisov
Director for Sales and Export
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"
Yulia Makeyevich Andreyevich
Director of Operations Management
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"
Alena Akavonivaya Sergeevich
Director of Legal Management
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"
Dominik Lazarenko Alekseevich
Chief Accountant
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"
Dina Egorovich Dimitrova
Auditor and General Financial Consultant
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"

Alexey Dmitrievich Roskov
Deputy Director for Sales and Export
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"

Valery Vladimir Vyacheslav
Director for International Relations
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"
Artem Golubovich Dmitrievich
Director for Development and Projects
PJSC "Neftegazzerzerv"

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