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Joint stock Limited  company "Neftegazrezerv" is a major exporter of Calcined, Raw and Green Petroleum cokes and cokes with different sulphur fractions. Export standard meets first local and certified export analysis bodies such as SGS (international) and Russian Gost product analysis company.
Export is usually in Free On Board [FOB] and Cost Insurance and Freight [CIF] Any Safe Worldwide Port [ASWP].

Export Policy in Russia:

The Common Petroleum and Energy  Policy in Russia regualtes all Petroleum products [crude oil and gas] export in the Russian Federation. Government export policy in the Ministry of Energy is over the privates policies of export companies. Some of these policies are specifically made:
* To monitor all exported petrochemical products outside the country border and make sure they meet international standards and government policy is follow.

* To make sure the exporters are in full compliance with the Russian Federation Constitution on export and not violating human rights

* To check and maintain balance in the import and export sector of the country's economic. This is implied in making sure that the export company is a tax payer for all exports and profits on income and same time exporting the right products as approved by the Russian Federal government to be exported.

The Oil and Gas sector of Joint stock Limited company "Neftegazrezerv"  has enjoyed good international share of the export of crude oil and petroleum products profit in the export market. With the increased of the companys Allocation and Drilling Wells and other Title Allocation  Holder accounts with other bigger refining refineries export quantity isboosted while quality is constantly check and in order.

The company being a major supplier of some russian airlines companys Aviation Fuel, is now planning of building refining facility which will involve signing a crude product transfer right with Gazprom and Rosnefte.
Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv"  operations and export is practical in terms of regulations of price control and export quality and procedures with international export standard being maintain. Our clients are always involve in the whole process of export process.
Joint stock Limited company "Neftegazrezerv" Export Policy:

*    Before any export the product must have been check both quantity and quality meeting the required specifications as standard and required by the contract terms as requested by the Buyer.

*    Products are always in compliance with our local laws within the Russian Federation, in full compliances with the Ministry of Energy.

*    Contract terms are not limited to the present circumstances of the signed documents but other realities starts from banks operations and shipping company and vessel tanker maintenances.

*    Joint stock Limited liability company "Neftegazrezerv" has a first hand buyer / client priority giving our clients / buyers all our first and only attention, meeting their needs and requirements towards their orders and same time helping our clients / buyers with products fractions and sorting of quality.
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